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Before you go ahead and settle down for a new set of kmc rims for your ride, you should understand the types of car wheels that are available in the market. Wheels were initially designed out of steel. However, with the invention of alloys, the choice of metal quickly changed.

What are Mag Wheels?

With the evolution of the alloys came mag wheels or magnesium wheels. Mag wheels came into existence from the racing circuit and hence, they were designed for optimum acceleration, braking, top speed, fuel economy, handling, etc. In one word, mag wheels were the ultimate solution when it came to performance!

However, the only problem with mag wheels is the high price. Magnesium, despite its mechanical advantages, was highly inflammable, which means that it burnt vigorously in case of a fire. As a result, the metal was quickly replaced with aluminum, which has similar mechanical properties, but does not burn with similar intensity.

Nowadays, mag wheels are not just meant for sports cars, as more and more people are shifting to mag wheels for everyday use. Mag wheels are abundant in Australia and most local and international companies sell their products in the domestic market.

Things to Look Out for While Opting for a New Set of Mag Wheels for Your Ride:

Before opting for a new set of mag wheels, make sure that you’re aware of the dimensions. Mag wheels are available in various designs such as spokes, drop rims, etc. However, before you go ahead and pick out the final design, make sure that you’re aware of all standard procedures and quality of the procured wheel.

There are numerous color combinations to choose from, depending on your taste, although, you might like to keep things simple! You also need a good set of off road tyres to accompany the 4wd wheels and there are numerous options to choose from. Car enthusiasts are well aware of the importance of tyres. Hence, they take proper care in finding out the best deals.

The same cannot be said for amateurs, who often end up making shady decisions when it comes to 4X4 wheels and tyres packages steel. However, with a little guidance and advice from the professionals, the amateurs can be pointed in the right direction, and the best platform for this would be the online forums.

Why are Mag Wheels Popular?

Wheels aka mags are hugely popular in Australia and as a result are available at most online and offline dealers. Hence, if you’ve made up your mind about going ahead with the purchase, at least make it a point to sieve through a few retailers in order to get the best quotes.

Also, keep an eye out for replica alloys as they are difficult to spot. You could easily end up paying up high money for a cheap duplicate. However, most authorized dealerships wouldn’t risk the disgrace. Hence, it is better to trust a retailer with such high valued transactions.

Hence, the next time that you’re out looking for a new set of car wheels for your ride, you know where to look and what to look for! Good luck!