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In the automotive world, performance plays a pivotal role in most regards. However, when we refer to performance, top speed is not the only factor that is taken into accord. Everything from handling to fuel economy comes under performance, and the same applies to rubber. Your vehicle’s shoes are the only contact point with the road. Hence, if you do not take care of the tyres, you are bound to witness a decrease in the overall performance of your car.

There are numerous brands competing for a slice of the highly-profitable market segment, although, a few standout. Among these few, Pirelli tyres manage to hold their own in the class. Pirelli is a renowned name in the world of automotive tyres and is known to excel in most weather conditions and terrain.

Performance vs. Practicality:

If you prefer performance cars over passenger cars, you will appreciate the importance of performance tyres. High-performance tyres hold and edge over their cheap counterparts in terms of tread design and components, which help put down the maximum amount of power generated by the engine to the ground. As a result, performance tyres are in vogue among the younger generation, and Pirelli has managed to carve out a niche for itself!

Amateurs Beware:

Buying Pirelli tyres online can be a handful for the amateur, as most dealerships will try to rip you off if you show them you lack knowledge. In order to avoid being duped, you need to look for a genuine tyre dealership first.

Pirelli tyres don’t come cheap. You can browse through our immaculately maintained database to know the current Pirelli tyre prices. We encourage you to compare our prices with the other operators in Australia before making a purchase.

Why Choose Pirelli?

For enjoying the right performance, you need the perfect balance between numerous factors and rims play a major role in this regard! The tyres will not function at their optimum level if the rims online is incompatible with the manufacturer’s dimension rating. Hence, you might want to put in a considerable amount of thought before choosing a tyre, as incomplete knowledge of the tyre