My name is Jelly and I am JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!  Born 21/10/2009, I am an Australian champion in the show ring (literally), and they tell me I am very, very pretty!  I am a little Isabella girl, little being the operative word.  I am sweet, delicate yet confident and most unassuming.  My manners are perfect, and I am perfect on the lead.

I am currently living with a male pei and LOVING it.  I am just so not any sort of issue or problem, I am really the perfect dog!  Feed me, walk me, love me, and I will return all of this 1000 times over.  I have had entropion surgery, had my nasal passages "trimmed" so as I could breath easier, I am desexed, C5 vaccinated, I have been wormed for both intestinal and heart worm and I am good to goooooooooo.

Jelly is one of those dogs who will do well where ever she is placed.  With kids, other dogs, doesn't matter, just as long as she is a part of the family, she will absolutely thrive.  Perfect in the car, therefore long drives are no problem whatsoever, and what is barking????  Keep Jelly on a low protein food (she is thriving on Canidae Platinum and Omega 3,6,& 9 oil),  keep her ears and coat clean, and just love her.....Jell is one dog whom you will really want to meet and run away with.  We ALL love the Jelly Belly!!!  She is just like her Mum in love and nature, Ming (mum) is also listed on the SPR site.

Available for much less than the cost of her vet work, Jelly is available for adoption for just $750




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13 January, 2013 5388

Addison - VIC

Addison is just the dearest sweetest girl your could ever dream to meet.  She is a little chocolate horse coat, bone mouth pei who loves to be wherever you are.  Aprrox 2-3 yrs of age, Addi and her pups found themselves in a country pound just on… + Read More
31 December, 2011 3719

Akai Pei - WA - ADOPTED!!

Akai Pei has come to SPR Inc from the pound. Dumped on Xmas eve, this little guy is the picture or health and happiness. Great manners, relaxed and adorable. At 21 kg, Akai Pei is a wonderful example or a long brush coat chocolate man. Welcome Akai… + Read More
25 April, 2013 3017

Albert - VIC

Hey hey hey ...... it's (slightly overweight) Albert!!!  The only dog we have ever had through SPR who has his own theme song!!!!!  Meet the GORGEOUS Albert - friend of everyone and foe of none.  Albert is bullet proof, such a delight.  He is great… + Read More
11 November, 2012 3397

Alvin - puppy - NSW

3 little Pei Cross pups came into Shar Pei Rescue a few weeks ago. Alvin Simon and Theodore very thin and needing attention. All pups have now been given a clean bill of health,de-sexed and vaccinated and are now looking for their forever… + Read More
31 December, 2011 5836

Anna - Sydney -ADOPTED!

Anna is a gorgeous young lady.  She has access to the sunroom but prefers the more interesting things in the yard including the birds, trees shadows etc. She goes to the back of the house yard to do her business and this has never been a problem at… + Read More
11 April, 2013 2982

Audrey - NSW - adopted

Audrey came into the rescue heavily pregnant and 2 days later gave birth to a litter of puppies. Audrey is a very proud mum and loves to show off she is very people orientated, she is wonderful around small children very gentle and patient even with… + Read More
08 February, 2010 6389


Humphrey B Bear has nothing on our Ava!! She is round, cuddly, sweet and just like a teddy bear! Ava and her Dad (Jett) were surrendered to Shar Pei Rescue Inc because of the travel commitments their skin family had to undertake for work. These guys… + Read More
13 October, 2011 4150

Barry - Melbourne Victoria - ADOPTED!

Born December, 2010, big beautiful Bazz will be 1 yr old in December 2011. Barry is an absolute delight in all ways - nature, looks, "tricks"  - he is just about the perfect family pooch.  One problem.....he isn't good with cats, but kids and other… + Read More
11 April, 2013 3328

Boggart - NSW

(Humphrey) Boggart is such an amazing young man. Growing up in a house with 5 small children, other dogs and raising his own litters not much phases this boy. He is sweet gentle and patient and just loves to be around people. A very smart boy… + Read More
10 September, 2011 5927

Bono - Melbourne Victoria -Adopted!

Bono and his litter mates have all had their eyes tacked, are desexed, vaccinated, and chipped. They are currently in an intensive fostercare program where they are learning what it is like to be a well mannered pooch, who is good with kids, cats… + Read More
10 September, 2011 4369


Bonsai or Bonny as she is affectionately known is just the sweetest girl who has had a hideous life to date. As one of the breeding girls of a shar pei Kennels, Bonsai was seized from the owner early this year in condition you just wouldn't believe.… + Read More
15 December, 2011 6890

Brax - Perth WA - ADOPTED!

Brax came through to SPR Inc from a WA pound and is now recovering from desex and entropion surgery. Brax has THE MOST exceptional nature!!! He is FANTASTIC with kids, and other dogs. He is just a little guy - currently about 15kg but a bit thin, so… + Read More
24 June, 2013 3592

Bronson - VIC - adopted

Greetings!  My name is Bronson - the beautiful bearcoat shar pei. Obviously, I am incredibly good looking, and as a bonus, I have a duel purpose tail which not only looks sensational, but also doubles as a feather duster for the coffee table!!! I… + Read More
02 September, 2014 1903

Brooklyn- VIC

Brooklyn is a dear little girl who had it tough before rescue.  She is about 4 yrs old, a chocolate brush coat who came to us skinny, with very fly blown ears and in desperate need of entropion surgery.  So with all her surgeries complete and a good… + Read More
12 May, 2011 5479

Buddy (Newcastle) - ON TRIAL

Buddy is a sharpei cross dog approx 12months old. He has been microchipped, vaccinated and desexed. He is now looking for his forever home. He would benefit from someone who knows about his sharpei breed. He will require further training as he… + Read More
27 November, 2012 6145

Buddy - NSW - adopted

Buddy is a big Teddy bear and just loves attention. Surrendered into the pound Buddy warmed up to our handler straight away and within a minute was on his back rolling around wanting belly rubs. He has been tested with children and other dogs and… + Read More
31 August, 2013 5812

Buddy - VIC

  Buddy is just a sweetheart. Buddy has retired from the show ring and is now looking for a home to call his own. At 7 yrs of age, Buddy is considered zen, meaning he is comfortable in his own skin.  Buds loves a walk, a trip in the car, a romp with… + Read More
07 July, 2013 3273

Buzz - VIC

Hi there! My name is Buzz and I am still a baby boy at only 10 weeks of age (DOB apprx 1/4/13). I have had a rough start to life after being dumped on a dirt road in the bush but I was really lucky and was rescued and will be ready to go to my… + Read More
02 December, 2013 3078

Charlie - VIC

Charlie Brown is a happy chocolate boy, somewhere in between puppy and adult, so lets say about 15-18 mths of age.  CB was surrendered into the pound when his skin sister was born and his parents decided he wasn't going to get the love and attention… + Read More
27 October, 2012 4747

Charlie - WA

Meet Charlie! Approx 14 mths of age, Charlie is a smoochy mooshy China brown shar pei with a lotta love to give! Charlie is good with kids, other dogs and anyone who would like a bit of lovin". Desexed, vaccinated, wormed and microchipped the… + Read More
01 November, 2011 3209

Chelsea - Melbourne Victoria - Adopted

Miss Chelsea is truly a dear little thing.  A super soft China brown horse coat, Chelsea is only about 10-12 mths of age, but even so, her manners are BeAUTIFUL.  She will sit on call, walks beautifully on the lead and waits patiently for your next… + Read More
21 February, 2013 3801

Chelsea - VIC

Miss Chelsea has had a rough start in life.  She was dumped in bush land at around 12 mths of age before coming to SPR.  Since then, she has been desexed, vaccinated and microchipped, she has also spent the past 15 mths in training with a dedicated… + Read More
27 August, 2011 5027

Chewie - Melbourne Victoria Adopted!

While we fall in love with each and every peiby that walks through our door, every once in a while there knocks a special beastie who has been looking for love in all the wrong places!! Enter Chewie......oh my, what can we say but lush, gorgeous,… + Read More
05 March, 2014 3700

Chilli - VIC

This red hot chilli pepper is a gorgeous man/teddy bear!  Chilli is about 3-4 yrs of age and was a stray taken to a Melbourne pound who in turn, transferred him to SPR for specialist care.  We have since had entropion surgery, desex, and C5… + Read More
23 November, 2010 12537

China - Melbourne Victoria - ADOPTED!

My name is China and I am just a little Shar Pei girl. I used to live in country Victoria, way up north, but my family didn’t want me anymore and gave me to the local pound! A dog rescue group from Melbourne contacted Shar Pei Rescue Inc and told… + Read More
31 August, 2013 2816

Choppy - VIC - Adopted

Chop Suey is a great dog, and brother to an Australian Champion in the show ring.  Choppy is also a champion, but retired before gaining his grand champion status.  Choppy is a great dog.  He is easy to please and so non demanding.  He will let you… + Read More
29 July, 2011 5439

Cleo - Melbourne

Hi there, my name is Cleo and I am just the prettiest, sweetest, almost 2 yr old gal you could ever hope to meet! I love to snuggle in front of the fire and just live to stroll in the moonlight. Long romantic car trips through the country side are… + Read More
15 August, 2010 4362

Coco (Aka Dana) Melbourne Victoria - ADOPTED!

Dana and her buddy Ben were transferred from Pets Haven to SHAR PEI Rescue Inc in early July for specialist care – thank you Pets Haven. Dana has now recovered from entropion surgery, desex, C5 vaccination and microchip. The red swelling in Dana’s… + Read More
10 September, 2011 4396

Cohen - Melbourne Victoria - Adopted

Cohen and his litter mates have all had their eyes tacked, are desexed, vaccinated, and chipped. They are currently in an intensive fostercare program where they are learning what it is like to be a well mannered pooch, who is good with kids, cats… + Read More
29 December, 2009 2805


Meet Cooper! A truly divine 9 month old, China Brown, horse coat boy who was picked up wandering the streets by the ranger. For some reason we just can’t fathom, Cooper’s parents didn’t come looking for him, so with just hours before D-day, Shar Pei… + Read More
02 February, 2012 4295

Dash - On behalf of AAPS Melbourne

Dash is an energetic and intelligent kinda guy who enjoys lots of exercise and mind stimulating activities.  We have found him to be more focused in a calm enviorment and given the chance to attend obedience school we believe he would do really… + Read More
12 April, 2015 602

Dear Prudence - VIC

My name is Pru and I am about 25 weeks of age.  I am a little different to the other pei at SPR because I am a X breed, with what? SPR is uncertain, but the consensus is perhaps a basenji.......that would be because of my very flash tail, my size… + Read More
03 December, 2012 3911


Dear sweet Demi is one gorgeous black horse coat pei of about 6 years of age.  MIss D was left at the pound a couple of months ago without a microchip, entire and with sore eyes.  So shipped off to the vet as soon as we had the call from the pound,… + Read More
06 February, 2014 2189

Dexter - VIC

Dexter is plain and simple....a delight! At about 16- 18 mths of age, Dex was surrendered to SPR due to unforeseeable circumstances within his surrender family.  So SPR took responsibility for this lovely chocolate, long brush coat boy, sent him off… + Read More
18 June, 2011 3244

Diesel (Dawg) Booth

Diesel was adopted by Sue Armston from the RSPCA (NSW) after enduring entropian surgery at just 16 weeks of age.  Unfortunately the RSPCA had removed too much from his lower eye lids so Diesel had to stay in care for some time whilst he "grew into… + Read More
10 September, 2011 5152


Dotty was born into a shar pei Kennels in Victoria. Sadly Dot and her friend Bonny endured and were consequently seized as the result of unsatisfactory living and health conditions earlier this year. They have both since been rehabilitated and are… + Read More
26 December, 2013 2091

Dumpling - VIC - adopted

Meet Dumpling!  What a story Dumpling has to tell for his 17 weeks of life..... Dumpling was found in a dumpster in Sydney, injured, alone and just some 5 weeks of age.  The good folk at the RSPCA Yagoona took him in and nursed him to a point where… + Read More
14 June, 2011 12745

Dylan - Melbourne Victoria

Dylan is a wonderful loving red brushcoat man.Dylan was picked up by the ranger wandering the streets in country NSW. He arrived at SHAR PEI Rescue Inc, skinny and scared as can be.Dylan is a really lovely man who once you have gained his trust,… + Read More
08 October, 2013 2616

Edgar - VIC - Adopted

Sweet, unobtrusive, non imposing Eddie is quite simply a gorgeous man.  At somewhere between 2 and 3 years, Edgar was left at a pound in NSW where SPR pulled him at "the death knock" - literally.  Since then Eddie has been desexed, vaccinated… + Read More
18 May, 2013 3204

Eliza - NSW

This little bubba was born in care is just 11 weeks old (13/5/13). The little girl with a big personality, Eliza is a little Diva bossing around her siblings and mum. Very cute and sweet she is developing so good with her training sitting for food,… + Read More
01 December, 2010 5692

Ella - Melbourne Victoria

Well hello there… name is Ella and as you can see I am just the prettiest black peiby you are ever likely to meet! I have been very fortunate to have experienced an enormous amount of love in my last home where I had my own Mum & Dad and 2 x… + Read More
12 October, 2013 3437

Ellie - VIC - adopted

Hi!  My name is Ellie and I am a bit gorgeous!!!  I am a lovely lilac horse coat shar pei with a dear little coin tail.  I am sweet, happy to see you all the time and happy to get along with everything and everyone.  AND I am only a little slip of a… + Read More
02 November, 2012 3684

Elliot - WA

Meet Elliot one lovely little sooky black Pei with amazing beautiful eyes! Elliot has been sharing the past few months in the care of Braydon aged 6 and Michela aged 5 and this is what they have to say about Elliot! I love himHe is cute and cuddlyHe… + Read More
29 December, 2009 2840


Elwood is a lovely fawn brush coat puppy who hasn’t had a very good start in life. In September his owner took him to the vet and was told Elwood needed eye surgery at a cost of $1400.00. Days later Elwood’s owner took him to a boarding kennel and… + Read More
02 October, 2012 4803

Ember - Perth, WA

  Little Miss Ember.......born as Silkston Fire'nFury and owned by Eliteroleys as a show dog, poor Ember has some how managed to find herself in rescue.  Never mind, she has since had her girly bits removed (desexed) and is now fully vaccinated,… + Read More
30 January, 2015 1102

Fonzi - VIC

Fonzi is a transfer to SPR from RSPCA Victoria.......and what a very sexy beast he is!!!!!  At 6 yrs of age, this black bear coat pei is the picture of good health.  The Fonz is a happy go lucky boy who enjoys the company of other dogs and humans. … + Read More
05 July, 2013 3203

Frankie - VIC - adopted

Young Frankie is simply a dear little man who hasn't had the best start to life.  Although he was loved and admired from a young pup, his vet work was neglected and as a result, he has had some pretty major eye surgery of recent times.  Although we… + Read More
17 August, 2011 5065

Fu (Dog) - 19 weeks @ 20/8/11 - Melbourne

Fu, his two sisters, his brother and his Mum have all arrived at SPR Inc. Pups all delightful, happy healthy bundles of joy. Eyes have been tacked and fingers crossed no further surgery will be required, however, anyone applying for the pups should… + Read More
21 December, 2012 4395


Hello I am Little Miss Gabby. I am about 13 mths old and had a pretty average start to life. By the time I found myself in the orphanage at SHAR PEI Rescue Inc, I was almost blind from neglect and skinny as skinny can be That was about 2 months ago… + Read More
11 October, 2011 7992

Gary - NSW -Adopted!

Gary has come to SPR Inc as a surrender. He will be spending the next few weeks recovering from both eye and desex surgery and generally settling into a life where people really care about him. gary is a very sweet submissive man who will suit most… + Read More
05 July, 2011 9435

Geisha - Brisbane QLD ADOPTED!!

Geisha is a 3 yr old sweetheart, who since coming into care with SPR Inc has endured 2 lots of entropion surgery, desex, and all the other goodies like C5 vaccination etc.  Geisha has the most delightful and gentle personality and is looking for a… + Read More
28 March, 2012 2863


15 July, 2013 2859

Gilbert - VIC

What a lovely example of the shar pei breed!!!  This red man with a black mask, has the most delightful coin tail (piggy tail), and he is such a great companion and friendly bloke to boot.  Surrendered into a pound in Sydney, Gilbert has made his… + Read More
22 October, 2011 3502

Ginja - VIC

Ginja - born March 2011 has the sweetest nature you could every wish for. Great with other dogs, kids and cats, this young lady simply needs her very own home where she has someone happy to take her to doggy school, walk her daily and love her for… + Read More
01 February, 2013 3248

Griffen - WA - ADOPTED

Presenting GRIFFEN!!!!!  This GORGEOUS black brush coat man is actually little more than a baby at just 8 mths of age.  And Griffen just loves one and all, be it cats, other dogs, kids, anyone and everyone.  He is a fast learner and since being in… + Read More
29 June, 2012 3370

Gus - Melbourne, VIC

Meet Gus.....who is just a barrel of love and affection! Gus loves company, and just wants to hang wherever you are. When you aren't around, he doesn't create a scene, he simply waits for your return to start loving you all over again. Gus has… + Read More
25 October, 2011 4845

Harley & Rose 10 weeks @ 1/11/11 Melb - Vic -Rose on Trial

2 x more babies are due into SPR Inc care the first week of November, 2011.  1 x fawn (Harley) male, 1 x cream (Rose) female, - born 22/8/11 As usual, babies will be desexed, had their eyes tacked, tri - annual vaccinated, wormed and microchipped.… + Read More
28 March, 2012 14342

Harley -Adopted!

05 July, 2011 10102

Harry - Melbourne Victoria

OMG.....Harry would have to be one of the sweetest, smoochiest peiby''s we have ever met in at SPR Inc!  Harry has the most pleasing, most divine nature who just wants to love and be loved.  Harry is WONDERFUL with big kids, little kids, cats, other… + Read More
03 December, 2012 5747

Harry - VIC

And without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Harry!  What a lovely boy our Harry is - however, he is convinced he is a human, not a dog!  Harry came to SPR Inc after his skin dad passed away a few months ago.  Harry took the loss pretty… + Read More
02 May, 2013 2902

Heidi - VIC - Adopted!

Heidi, you are just the sweetest little sweetheart!  At 5 yrs of age, Heidi is what we call "zen".  She is easy going with all creatures great and small, human and domestic pet.  We all love Heidi!  Heidi had her last litter of pups about 8 weeks… + Read More
04 July, 2012 5457

Hercules - Melbourne, VIC

  Meet Hercules. Hercules is a beautiful red Shar Pei, what a stunner! He is 2 years of age, and is a very playful loving boy. He gets along well with others and is very easy going. Super friendly.  Hercules loves to please, will sit for treats or… + Read More
20 August, 2013 3763

Hero -VIC

Hero is a very sweet boy who thinks his job is life is just to make you happy.  Hero LOVES a walk, and he loves the beach.  If anything, he is a bit shy around other dogs, his response if at all concerned is to roll on his back.  He is currently… + Read More
18 March, 2012 6917

Holly - Adelaide SA - On trial

Meet Miss Holly! Loved and admired since birth, but very sadly, her Dad has realised that the amount of time he spends interstate with work, is not the perfect scenario for Holly. So with a heavy heart, and Holly foremost in his mind, Holly's Dad… + Read More
25 January, 2012 4907

Honey - Melbourne

Dear sweet Honey Pie is just the sweetest girl - just can't understand why her last family left town - and Honey behind, only to say that Honey was purchased to breed lots of BYB pups, but Honey wouldn't and didn't comply. By the time Honey found… + Read More
08 September, 2012 5866

Hugo - Melbourne, VIC - adopted

Hugo is a lovely man, who has obviously had someone love him at some point in time.He sits on call and will hold out his paw to shake hands. He loves a walk but still need some guidance on keeping focus on the lead. Hugo is currently in foster care… + Read More
07 June, 2014 4100

Indi - VIC

Oh my!  Miss Indi is a bit gorgeous!!!  At about 12 mths of age, Indi will still be classified as a puppy for another year, so will need a firm consistent handler to keep her on the right track to being a well behaved adult.  At this point, she… + Read More
13 November, 2011 4854

Ishka - Melbourne Victoria - ADOPTED!

  Ishka is another newbie to SPR Inc. A beautiful girl with a loving sweet nature to match. Kids, other dogs no problems. Ish is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and wormed. Given her BEAUTIFUL eyes, Ishka hasn't had to endure entropion… + Read More
25 April, 2013 2594

Ishka - VIC

And let me introduce the gorgeous Ishka.  A fine example of our beautiful breed, Ish is about 2 and 1/2 yrs of age, desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.  Ishka would love a home with a doggy boy friend, daily walks and quality kibble.  This girl is… + Read More
08 July, 2013 3311

Ivy - NSW-adopted

Ivy was a surrender into the Sydney Pound system, a very healthy and friendly little girl she was literally bouncing in anticipation of getting out and into foster care.Currently fostered with a senior Male and small children Ivy is a very cuddly… + Read More
02 September, 2014 3206

Izzy - VIC

Izzy with a Z is such a pretty sweet girl whose human mother passed away leaving her an orphan.  Izzy is a black brush coat sweetheart who is kid, cat and other dog friendly, yet is also just as  content as on "only child" with her humans. … + Read More
28 December, 2009 2364


Jake is a 16 – 18 week old happy, bubbly puppy. He took the red eye from Perth to Melbourne with his buddy Elwood after he was found wandering the streets of WA! Jake is a red brush coat with a black mask and he has the loveliest eyes and big waggy… + Read More
19 June, 2011 3271

Jake Armston

Jake was picked up as a stray by a ranger in NSW and was rescued by Shar Pei Rescue (NSW).  Jake was the product of a backyard breeder and is Noah's brother.  Jake is now living like a king at the residence of Sue Armston, Vice President SHAR PEI… + Read More
21 July, 2013 4535

Jelly - VIC - Adopted

My name is Jelly and I am JUST GORGEOUS!!!!!!  Born 21/10/2009, I am an Australian champion in the show ring (literally), and they tell me I am very, very pretty!  I am a little Isabella girl, little being the operative word.  I am sweet, delicate… + Read More
03 September, 2013 2853

Jenny - VIC - Adopted

Meet the gorgeous Jenny, with one of the the most magnificent dark chocolate coats we have ever seen through SPR.......and perfect almond shaped eyes to sweeten her deal.  Jen has come into care from living and giving birth on the balcony of a unit… + Read More
21 October, 2012 2438

Jess - Melbourne, VIC

Jessie is THE most gorgeous girl.....SPR Inc JUST LOVES JESS!!!!  Jess came to us just over 12 mths ago with a litter of 4 x 20 week old pups......and another litter in her belly!  Less than 3 short weeks after entering our care Jess gave birth to 5… + Read More
08 April, 2011 3528


Jett is a laid back kinda guy who loves a walk, a car ride and a snooze! Jett and his daughter Ava were surrendered because of work commitments and because their owners loved them so much they recognised how hard it was on the dogs every time they… + Read More
02 September, 2014 1838

Katy - VIC - adopted

Such a dear little confident girl, three years old Kate has been in care for some time now due to no fault of her own.  Katy had a luxating patella issue when she arrived into rescue, and in human terms needed to have knee reconstruction surgery,… + Read More
08 October, 2011 3554

Lacey - Melbourne Victoria - ADOPTED!!

  Lacey and her brother Barry were surrendered to SPR Inc and have since gone their separate ways. While Baz is enjoying life as an only dog Lacey has found that the company of any other man makes her just as happy and content as being with her… + Read More
22 October, 2012 3894

Lara - Melbourne - VIC - ON TRIAL

Hi there, I'm Lara, and not only am I an exceptionally pretty, 3 yr old China brown horse coat shar pei, I am also so much fun to be around!  I love to play and would ideally love a forever home where I have a doggy boyfriend for good company and… + Read More
20 February, 2013 3218

Layla - VIC

A beautiful 2 yr old red bear coat girl is now available for adoption.  Layla has had three litters of puppies in her 2 short years of life, but that was then and this is now.  She has recently been desexed, C5 vaccinated, microchipped and had a nip… + Read More
19 June, 2011 3801

Leo - our brave little soldier

Leo the lion!  Who came into care covered in demodex mange.  5 days later, due to a complication of FSF (Shar Pei Fever) which turned his little body toxic, Leo was as close to death as could possibly be.  Basically, his little body was eating away… + Read More
13 February, 2013 3519


Good golly Miss Lolli!!!!!  What a BEAUTIFUL gal our Lolli is, just as sweet as her name describes.  Lollie is still a baby  - in big girls clothing.  She is just 8 mths of age and a little red dilute brush coat girl.  Lolli and her sister Lucy were… + Read More
13 February, 2013 3453

Lucy - Adopted

Lucy......... according to her 8yr old foster carer.....I like her so much all the way past everything in the sky. I like her because she licks me all the time. I wish she could live with us. I like how Lucy gets along with our dog Sam.Lucer......… + Read More
22 June, 2011 4130

Lucy - Melbourne Victoria ADOPTED!

Lucer the medusa the seducer!!!!  That's our gorgeous girl!!!  Lucy wandered into the hands of the ranger on the Central Coast on NSW.  After a bit of a nip and tuck (entropion surgery) desex, and vaccination ... voila, Lucy hopped on a flight and… + Read More
09 December, 2011 4244

Luke - Werribee Melbourne

Luke is one of those dogs who can only be described as easy peasy!!!! Easy going with kids, other dogs, in fact with just about anything and anyone!!!A surrender into a Sydney pound, Luke came to us at his death knock .........literally, and aren't… + Read More
29 December, 2009 2325


Lovely Lulu is a surrender pei whose family was moving overseas. Lulu is just the prettiest young fawn brushcoat (with a very sexy black mask) that you are every likely to meet. At 3 years of age, Lulu has all her doggy manners! She is house… + Read More
25 April, 2013 3394

Mao - VIC - adopted!

Well, well, well ...... how now Miss Mao!  Mao is a sweet little 5 yr old chocolate princess who loves a car ride, a gentle stroll and giving kisses.  Mao has had entopion surgery and is desexed, C5 vaccinated and microchipped, treated for both… + Read More
31 March, 2013 2525

Mason - NSW - Adopted

“Mc Pei” (Mason) was found as a stray and never wore a collar or leash before entering the rescue. Now walks very well and really enjoys his walks, now stays at the curbs etc and walks only when you command. Still learning basic obedience but… + Read More
22 September, 2011 3817

Maxwell - Adopted

Young Maxwell is just the sweetest dearest little guy!  Maxie has been blessed by the love bug......he just wants to love and be loved! Max has endured a number of rather ordinary eye surgeries to ensure he leave SPR Inc with a great set of… + Read More
11 January, 2012 4331

Meg - Perth WA

Meet Meg! She is just the most gorgeous girl these days!!!! Meg came to SPR Inc from a local WA shelter. She was feeling very sorry for herself with sore weeping eyes (entropion) and a body full of yeast infection. Our wonderful WA pei people took… + Read More
15 July, 2013 2625

Meisha - VIC

At about 2 and 1/2 years of age, this little black princess (with a splash of white on her chest and feet) is longing for a place to call her own. You will just melt with Meisha in your life, she is just the dearest little girl.  She has had some… + Read More
28 February, 2013 12327

Memphis - VIC

The Memphis Man or Memphis the Marvellous as his foster mum calls him is little more than a puppy - who fathered puppies!  Memphis is the Dad of two pups we recently had through SPR, Memphis and his ex-wife Annie, babies Gracie and Phoenix came into… + Read More
27 August, 2013 2780

Merlin - VIC

Merlin is my name and bringing magic to your life is my game!!! they tell me i am just delightful. I have the most wonderful disposition and I am a very sexy beast. I have had entropion surgery which really opened up my world. The sun is shining and… + Read More
10 October, 2011 4408

Miami - approx 18 weeks 10/10/11-ADOPTED

Everyone who meets Miami falls in love with this sweet natured little girl.She craves attention but is also just as happy to be around you. She loves to sleep the day away under your desk or in a bed next to the couch. Little Miss curious loves to… + Read More
09 December, 2011 3125

Ming - Altona, Melbourne - ADOPTED!

This China brown beauty could well be described as the perfect pooch! Ming has ALL her manners, is great with dogs, kids, cats and has recently had spot of cosmetic surgery (entropion surgery) was desesed, C5 vaccinated and microchipped, so she is… + Read More
16 July, 2013 2436

Ming - VIC

Hi, lovely to meet you, I am Ming.  I am an Australian Champion LILAC pei who is 8 yrs going on about 5.  I love to love and be loved.  I also love food, playing, a nice walk (and I am perfect on the lead) and I am the sweetest most gentle and… + Read More
29 December, 2009 2235


Moby is a lovely young man who was no longer “required” by his owner. He has most characteristics of a pei although his nose and eyes are staffy which means he doesn’t snore and he won’t be needing any eye surgery! Moby is a big smoocher who loves a… + Read More
17 August, 2011 4830

Molly - Melbourne

  Good golly Miss Molly!!! What a lovely affectionate deal little peiby who has been loved and admired all her life. Sadly Molly's family has gone their separate ways which left Molly looking for a new home. Molly is kid friendly and dog friendly -… + Read More
15 December, 2011 5884

Monet - Melbourne Victoria

Monet is the happiest, tail waggiest and sweetest dog you could possibly imagine.  He loves being with friends anywhere including the beach!!He loves life and loves the world. Fantastic with everyone, kids, cats, adults, other dogs, in fact,  all… + Read More
09 December, 2011 5935

Monty - Melbourne - ON TRIAL

Meet Monty! A very handsome sable man who came to SPR Inc after wandering the streets of a northern NSW township with his buddy Dylan.Monty has endured extensive eye surgeries, the result of which are a pair of VERY good looking and healthy… + Read More
10 September, 2011 3289


Nash and his litter mates have all had their eyes tacked, are desexed, vaccinated, and chipped. They are currently in an intensive fostercare program where they are learning what it is like to be a well mannered pooch, who is good with kids, cats… + Read More
29 December, 2009 2202

NJ (Cody)

N.J. is just the sweetest young guy, with his tail constantly on the go- wag, wag, wag. And when he barks, this high pitched puppy bark still emerges. I for one find this hysterical because at 7 months, a Shar Pei is fully grown in regard to height.… + Read More
16 June, 2011 5374

Noah Booth

Noah had a poor start to life after being abandoned in a park in NSW due to a typical Shar Pei condition, Entropian that required surgery costing in the vicinity of $2000. Noah's breeder decided to dump the puppy in a park hoping that some kind… + Read More
27 September, 2014 1691

Noodle - VIC

Noodle is such a wonderful and delightful boy!  Well and truly child friendly, Noods just wants to be a part of the family.  He is happy to be included as a couple with a female doggy companion but would also be fine as an only dog in the right… + Read More
14 April, 2011 2674

Older Adoptions

Successful Adoptions 2011 Mimi, Mia, Basil, Alfie, Charm, Hank, Panda Bear, Shanaye, Lilly, Hendo, Teddy Bear, Jett 2010 Lockie, Ben, Gypsy, Crosby, Molly, Charlotte, Harley, Sassi, Su Lin, Skyla, Portia, Sadie, Mojo, Roland, Sasha, Roxy, Elwood,… + Read More
08 September, 2012 3101

Olive - Perth, WA

  This GORGEOUS black 15 mth old sweet heart is just the dearest little girl......but, as so many of them do, she has a history....... You see Olive and her partner in crime came to SPR Inc from the pound where they had been picked up as strays. 4… + Read More
30 January, 2015 1160

Ollie - VIC

Ollie is just over 12 mths of age.  This very sweet apricot shar pei was a transfer from Burnie Dogs Home in Tasmania.  Ollie arrived into their care very skinny and at just 10 mths of age.  Burnie did a fantastic job of fattening him up to get him… + Read More
28 February, 2013 2914

Oscar - VIC

Meet Oscar!  A most loveable, playful and happy fawn dilute brush coat boy of about 2 years of age.  Oscar loves kids and other dogs, and enjoys giving his hoomans the odd kiss or two.  His foster parents describe Oscar as adorable, while Oscar… + Read More
16 September, 2011 4363

Paige & Phoebe

Paige and her sisters Phoebe and Pru are the charmed Shar Pei girls. Dumped in the pound by their breeder these dear little babies are nothing short of a delight and are ready and rearing to head off to their forever homes. They love a good game and… + Read More
13 September, 2011 3820

Paige, Phoebe & Prue Born 1/6/11 - Melbourne

Paige and her sisters came to care after being dumped at a pound with ordinary eyes, no excess fat and sore itchy skin.  Why do people allow this to happen????  Fortunately there are a number of great pounds and shelters out there who recognise the… + Read More
20 September, 2013 7954

Paris - adopted

  What a dear, sweet and gentle lady our Paris is!  At 6 yrs of age, she is zen, relaxed, happy and busy searching for her forever home.  With a clean bill of health, Paris is desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.  She has recently been tested for… + Read More
27 March, 2012 3407

Paris - Sutherland Shire Animal Shelter

Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE Paris is a beautiful Shar Pei cross who was impounded by the City of Sydney in September 2011. She is looking for an owner who is patient and understanding to give her the love and affection she needs… + Read More
29 September, 2012 5434

Parker Jackson - Puppy Melbourne - adopted!

PJ was found wandering the streets of Sydney at about 15 weeks of age.  Poor PJ could barely see, his eyes were so sore and were weeping so much that he had substantial fur loss under his eyes running down to his chin. A kind and sensible samaritan… + Read More
02 December, 2013 2192

Peaches - NSW - Adopted

Peaches is just a Peach!  What a dear, clever and enthusiastic little girl our Peaches is.  She is about the 12 mth age mark and of course, has been desexed, microchipped and vaccinated.  She hasn't needed entropion at this stage - of course we… + Read More
08 September, 2012 3066

Pebbles - Melbourne, VIC

We wouldn't normally post a photo where you can't see the dogs BEAUTIFUL eyes, but.....this picture of Pebbles is just too cute not to share!!!And cute describes Pebbles EXACTLY!!!! She is sweet, gentle, is desperate to please and generally is a… + Read More
10 December, 2012 3401

Phoenix - puppy - VIC- ON TRIAL

Oh my!  He is a bit cute!  Meet Phoenix.  Born 26th September, 2012, baby boy is 11 weeks old on 12th December, 2012.And he already has a life story!  Phoenix and his sister, Mum and Dad were all saved from a horrible existence in Perth.  Mum and… + Read More
09 December, 2011 5391

Pippa Pei - Blacktown NSW - ADOPTED!

Young Pippa is 12 mths old red, "mini" pei who is currently in foster care recovering from entropion surgery & desex. Great with other dogs and cats as well - Pippa Pei is a little darling. More on Pip very soon......stay tuned!   Pip is available… + Read More
26 December, 2013 4035

Pogo - VIC

Pogo is a bit spec!  Po came to SPR as a "duty of care" transfer  from a Sydney pound.  You see Po had a very damaged blind left eye which was causing her pain and discomfort as well as a flea infestation and manky stinky yeast infection.  That was… + Read More
28 March, 2012 4326

Poppy - Perth WA

Poppy is the latest member of the shar pei rescue family. She is a BEAUTIFUL natured blue/black girl who is currently in Perth WA. Poppy is currently recovering from her vetwork so will update her notes very soon - stay tuned! But we can tell you… + Read More
03 March, 2013 3307

Princess - NSW

Our little Princess would like to say hello to her kingdom!  At about 8 mths of age, Miss Prinni is looking for a home who will provide her plenty of toys, love and attention.  Princess is a good little girl who walks well on the lead and will sit… + Read More
14 November, 2012 3054

Pumpkin - VIC - ON TRIAL

Hi, my name is Pumpkin and I am a chocolate (short) bear coat pei of about 8 mths of age......As you can see I am pretty cute, but I have to warn you that I am still a pup and obedience training to keep my in line is a must! I do however, respond… + Read More
22 February, 2011 5992

Puppy – Ally Cat - ADOPTED!

SHAR PEI Rescue Inc has two baby girls available for adoption. Both very sweet and well socialised. both have their indoor manners. An adoption application with all details MUST be received before we can consider you a potential forever parent. As… + Read More
18 March, 2012 4556

Redman - Melbourne Victoria

Redman is a wiggle butt gem. Such a lovely dog who would love his very own forever home. He is the most gorgeous rich red colour with a black muzzle, and he just LOVES people of any age and size.Redman would love his next home to have kids and a… + Read More
05 July, 2011 14056

Reeshca - Brisbane QLD -ADOPTED!

This dear little 6 mth old China brown girl didn't have the best start to life.  Direct from a puppy farm near you, this bubba was suffering very sore eyes when she arrived on the door of SPR Inc but since then, she has had entropion surgery and has… + Read More
25 April, 2013 3407

Riccardo - puppy - VIC - adopted, siblings still available

NOTE - Riccardo has now been adopted, however his siblings Eliza, Sabrina & Rossi are still available for adoption  - please enquire if interested. Eliza 978102100092783 Sabrina 978102100097765 Rossi 978102100092791 This little bubba was born in… + Read More
30 September, 2013 2490

Rigby - puppy - VIC -Adopted

Rigby is my name and playing puppy is my game!!Rigby is still a pup at just 6 mths of age.  He is a very smart boy, and smart boys can and will walk all over anyone they can to get what they want!  This is the reason that Rigby has found himself in… + Read More
10 September, 2011 4029

Ringo - Melbourne Vic

Ringo and his litter mates have all had their eyes tacked, are desexed, vaccinated, and chipped. They are currently in an intensive fostercare program where they are learning what it is like to be a well mannered pooch, who is GREAT with kids, other… + Read More
28 March, 2011 8092

Ripley - Melbourne Victoria

Ripley is a wonderful souls who has had it tough. He was kept (if you could call it that) as a part of a breeding pair, and quite frankly were not looked after by their previous owner.   When they arrived on the door step of SHAR PEI Rescue Inc, he… + Read More
15 January, 2013 3458

Rocco - NSW

  Rocco is a Gorgeous Boy friendly with dogs and children, Comfortable inside the house he is currently fostered with a Female Pei and a small toddler in a Unit. Rocco is a very sweet boy and always wants to be around the family and is very gentle… + Read More
19 June, 2011 2984

Rogue Spence

Rogue is not a rescue dog but deserves special credit as he featured on the 2012 Shar Pei Rescue Inc. calendar and is an active supporter of Shar Pei Rescue Inc. Rogue Spencer lives in Japan with his Shar Pei sister Lute and their skin Dad Murray.… + Read More
23 June, 2011 7221

Roley - Perth WA - ADOPTED!!

What a lovely man who, to date hasn't had the most wonderful start to life.  At 2-3 yrs of age, poor ol' Roley didn't have a loving home, in fact it seems he didn't even have a good feed until he entered foster care.  Not to worry, he is now… + Read More
12 March, 2013 2579

Rosa - WA - Adopted

Meet (approx) 3 year old Rosa - a sweet, eager to please and gorgeous red brush coat peiby.  Rosa is remarkably easy going.  Kids, cats other dogs are all comfortable around Rosa, because she is so very zen and comfortable with them.  When Rosa came… + Read More
18 May, 2013 2770

Rossi - NSW

This little bubba was born in care is just 11 weeks old (13/5/13). Rossi is a big Snuggly boy and just loves to climb into your lap for a nap. His Mama Audrey is also this brindle colouring and while this is unusual in a pei, we have been told of a… + Read More
05 July, 2011 19244

Roswell - Perth WA

Pics and description to follow soon.......kid friendly cat friendly and about 5yrs of age....Roswell is available for adoption for $350.00 + Read More
07 December, 2012 4223

Roxy - VIC - Adopted

Little Miss Roxy is just a delight at 11 mths of age.  Madam has all her manners in place, walks beautifully on the lead,  rides perfectly in the car and loves to love and be loved.  Roxy would suit a home where she has human company.  Dogs and cats… + Read More
19 June, 2011 8216


Rumple required Entropian surgery and featured in the Herald Sun.     See Rumple and Stiltskin. + Read More
02 May, 2013 2352

Sabrina - NSW - adopted

Meet Miss Sabrina! 9 weeks old (30/4/13) and finding her feet in this great big wide world.   Little Miss is a sweet gal who loves other dogs, is inquisitive, clever and full of puppy play.  Brini can sit for her meals and is 100% toilet trained -… + Read More
16 August, 2013 8247

Sao - VIC

Introducing SAO!  What a delight this little girl is.  More of a traditional Chinese style shar pei, Sao is a light chocolate horse coat gal with a lovely sickle tail.  Now Sao is a bit "special"......she is a TV addict!  Yep loves to watch the… + Read More
27 September, 2012 2715

Scarlet - WA

Scarlet is a lovely dog who just loves everyone. She is 18 months old and very active. She loves her balls, water and walks. She is the first one to bed at the night time and a very well behaved dog inside. She loves just to be with you.She sits and… + Read More
13 February, 2011 10473

Scrunchy - Melbourne Victoria

  Scrunchy is a lovely mature girl who just loves her people. Scrunchy has all her manners and will happily show off her sit, drop, stay, shake hands, to anyone!  She would love a doggy boyfriend.  She is fine indoors and outdoors. Does not bark… + Read More
26 December, 2013 2858

Seb - VIC

Ahhhh Sebbi, what a very special boy he is.  As the litter mate of the dog who is responsible for SPR, Seb is a VIP.......very important pei :))Seb turned 5 yrs last May, has been desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and has had entropion surgery.  Seb… + Read More
19 June, 2011 2748

Shanaye Taylor

Little Miss Shanaye came into our care mid 2010.  At 7 mths of age, she was just 6.4kg and so close to death that she would fall over sideways when she stood to eat.  Poor Shanaye was petrified and slowly but surely we taught her to trust.  Late in… + Read More
14 June, 2011 12347

Sheldon - Melbourne Victoria - Adopted!

Sheldon is such a lovely boy! He is easy going, confident and affectionate. He is great with other dogs and people are a fav! In fact his only request is to be with his family. A bit on the thin side, this boy has his table manner anyway, so a few… + Read More
12 September, 2011 4632

Shiloh - Melbourne ADOPTED!!

Shiloh was born in care, children of Jess a lovely rescue who came to us 7 weeks pregnant. These babies have been raised in the very best environment at SPR Inc HQ with weekly vet checks, best (vet) quality food and early attendance puppy school.… + Read More
03 December, 2010 14782


My name is Sienna and I am what is known as a flower Shar Pei- which are my spots. If you stick flower Shar Pei into google you will see what we flowers are all about. I really love learning, my foster parents tell me I am at the top of my class… + Read More
11 November, 2012 1883

Simon - puppy - NSW

3 little Pei Cross pups came into Shar Pei Rescue a few weeks ago. Alvin Simon and Theodore very thin and needing attention. All pups have now been given a clean bill of health,de-sexed and vaccinated and are now looking for their forever… + Read More
21 June, 2012 11272

Snowy - NSW

Snowy is definitely a house dog, very laid back and she loves to follow you around the house and will sit patiently outside the room you are in and then follow you to the next one. She is happy sleeping in her bed or on the carpet at your feet – and… + Read More
28 March, 2012 2248


28 February, 2012 3346

Steffi Shar Pei

  Meet Stef!  This dear little chocolate drop is just that…..little!  Well trained, Steff will sit on command, walks well on the lead, has all her indoor manners and is generally very comfortable in her own skin.  Stef has been desexed, had a C5… + Read More
05 July, 2011 4468

Stiltskin - ADOPTED

Stiltskin is an 18 mth old red horse coat male, originally bred by a registered breeder, Stiltskin has since received entropion and desex surgeries, C5 vaccination etc.  Stilty is a VERY bright and loving boy.  Although unsuitable to live with a… + Read More
17 August, 2011 8966

Sushi 19 weeks@ 20/8/11 - Melbourne -ADOPTED

19 weeks old, beautiful, social, sweet and learning good manners fast! Sushi and his brother Fu (dog), sister ZZ and Mum Jess have all arrived at SPR Inc looking for their forever homes. Black (being the new black) and a bit woolly (fluffy… + Read More
25 January, 2011 3854

Sweetie Pie - ON TRIAL

Sweetie Pie wandered into the hands of the ranger in Sydney. She is a dear little pei at only 12 kg. Not really skinny, but would expect about 14kg to be her max weight. A little chocolate girl, she has the nature of an angel with other dogs and… + Read More
28 August, 2012 3364

Tasha - NSW

Meet the GORGEOUS Tasha! A beautiful black Shar-pei, beautiful in both nature and looks. Tash is very comfortable in her own skin, we would go so far as to call her zen. A sweet, friendly gal who is a pleasure to have the company of when relaxing… + Read More
18 March, 2012 4115

Te'A - Sydney NSW

Te'A is one out of the box. Sweet just doesn't come close to describing her....She is currently living with a very elderly (and reasonably frail) lady and loving her to pieces lol Te'a is about as close to the perfect dog as you can get, bless… + Read More
14 July, 2012 6288

Teddy Bear - Perth, WA

Teddy is a fun loving playful boy! Very outgoing and energetic, Teddy just wants to be involved in your world. This Teddy Bear really loves his people! He knows his basic obedience such as sit and is well behaved in his manners around his food and… + Read More
14 November, 2012 2195

Theodore - puppy - NSW

3 little Pei Cross pups came into Shar Pei Rescue a few weeks ago. Alvin Simon and Theodore very thin and needing attention. All pups have now been given a clean bill of health,de-sexed and vaccinated and are now looking for their forever homes.… + Read More
22 February, 2011 3146


Ubi is such a sweet heart. A lovely black brush coat Shar Pei princess who will happily play with the kids, have a snooze with the cat or enjoy a good walk or car trip. Ubi came into SHAR PEI Rescue Inc as a surrender with her boyfriend Devo, who… + Read More
08 February, 2010 2069


Our man Wilson is a gorgeous lilac pei….with wolf ears! Poor Willy has a breed fault in that his ears point up to the sky, however as far as Wilson is concerned, he is just one very sexy beast, with a beautiful playful nature to boot.   Wilson has… + Read More
19 June, 2011 3281

Winnie Lawson

Our dear little flower pei, Miss Winnie (AKA Wiggle Butt), came to us from the RSPCA with shocking skin, but the most beautiful little nature.  Poor Winnie was only with us about 10 days when she suffered a FSF (Shar Pei Fever) attack.  Our Training… + Read More
14 June, 2011 4454


So I have a few rolls, it's still a bit rude to call me wrinkles!!!! But then, they tell me that wrinkles are good......and I AM GREAT!!!A bit about me? I lived in the country in a couple of different homes and ended up getting to know the ranger… + Read More
20 September, 2011 4438

Yoshi Bear (On behalf of Stafford Rescue) ADOPTED!

On behalf of Stafford Rescue........please meet Yoshi Bear!!!!   A Shar Pei X Stafford Yoshi Bear is my name cos I look like a bear and I am cuddly. I came to Stafford Rescue with a bad cold and I had Mange. Linda has been bathing me in smelly stuff… + Read More
30 January, 2015 2010

Ziggy - VIC - adopted

The name is Ziggy and what a lovely sweet boy I am.  I was a transfer to SPR from RSPCA in Qld in 2014.  I came to SPR and had my eye surgery, I have also been desexed, vaccinated and microchipped.  I love little kids and I love doggy company. I am… + Read More
09 December, 2011 3838

Zoza - Werribee, Melbourne - ADOPTED!

Zoza, is just a dream, be it a little shy which will become less and less the more he is socialised. Bred by a registered breeder, Zoza has a linage that can be traced and is registered as a blue papered dog.He has arrived at SPR Inc full of… + Read More
02 September, 2014 2957

Zuna - VIC

Zuna is such a character, and Zuna is also special needs.  Zuna is 4 yrs old and is blind in the dark.  She sufferes PRA - which is a progressive retina disease that has taken her ability to see unless there is a bright light shining in her eyes. … + Read More
17 August, 2011 3474

ZZ 19 weeks @ 20/11/11 - Melbourne Victoria

ZZ and her brothers and her mum Jess, were surrendered and are now looking for their forever homes. These guys are all so social sweet and full of puppy love. They have all been desexed, vaccinated, chipped and wormed and all three kids have had… + Read More