Our dear little flower pei, Miss Winnie (AKA Wiggle Butt), came to us from the RSPCA with shocking skin, but the most beautiful little nature.  Poor Winnie was only with us about 10 days when she suffered a FSF (Shar Pei Fever) attack.  Our Training Manager Bob Graham (Need to Iron) Shar Pei Kennels held Winnie tight as she lay literally dying in his arms.  Her tongue had swollen and was choking her, and just as she was taking her last breaths, the swelling started to subside as Winnie's will to live came shining through.

Peiville chose to keep Winnie in care for the next 6 mths to ensure we were able to "control" her fever attacks to the very best of our ability and get that nasty inflamed skin healthy again.  We must have made the correct changes and choices in Winnie's life because in May 2011, Winnie left Peiville as a beacon of great health, with her devoted Mum Rachel.

Winnie is now often found checking out the wares in Chapel St, and EVERYONE knows Winnie!!  She has her Mum, her Grandmother and her Grandfather wrapped around her paw and is quite insistent that her uncle Barney (an aging Airdale) get up off his bed and play with her.

Winnie was a great delight to us in Peiville and we are so happy that she has finally found the life she deserves.  Love you Winnie xxx


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